Warm Laughs with Cheshire Heating & Air

In the land of hats and cats, somewhere in GA, existed a magical company called Cheshire Heating & Air! They possessed an incredible power: keeping your home cosy, no matter the weather outside!

Breaking the ice (quite literally sometimes), the heating service they offered was something even Santa would be proud of! When your home feels like the North Pole, their magical repairmen bring the warmth of the Caribbean right to you.

Time To Turn Up The Heat

Next on their list of wonders was the mystical furnace replacement. Ghost stories would have you believe that this was a feat only meant for brave souls. But the heroes at Cheshire beg to differ. Even Mr. Yeti got his furnace replaced and now enjoys tropical heat all year round!

Warm Up With Us

Heater installation, furnace repair, furnace service, you name it, they make it happen, right in the heart of Ball Ground, East Ellijay, Blue Ridge, Nelson, Tate, Ellijay, and everywhere where a warm, fuzzy feeling is needed! So don’t get left in the cold – choose Cheshire Heating & Air, because when they say, ‘we bring the heat’, they certainly don’t mean trouble!